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About Creditor & Financing Services

Maximizing value is our only goal. When your money is at stake, you need a team that is able to go into a business and get its arms around the situation in hours, not weeks. MCH knows how critical timely and accurate information flow is to creditors when your receivable is in trouble.

We explore every opportunity to identify the drivers that will enable a recovery, whether it is a refinancing, sale of non-core assets, or the sale of the whole company.

From an operational standpoint, we determine viability. Are there opportunities to reduce costs and expenses? Is the customer base really profitable? Can the business generate enough cash to fund its operations going forward and repay its creditors?

Key Benefits

The MCH team has the ability to dig into the case and analyze the financial condition of the Debtor entity, review the 13 week cash flows and advise the committee of the feasibility of the Company’s financial plan in the case. We can assist in the valuation of the estate and work with committee counsel to maximize the return to the Unsecured Creditor Class.

MCH’s skill sets include the ability to work with a lender and provide a realistic appraisal of the Debtors business plan and financial statements. Our experts, utilizing resources throughout the firm, have the ability to vet this information and advise the lender as to a specific course of action. MCH understands the dynamics of today’s complex lending environment and assists lenders to assess troubled credits, negotiate recovery solutions, and manage inter-creditor issues by building consensus resulting in timely resolutions.

When considering mergers and acquisitions, clients engage us to combine financial, accounting, tax, information technology, and industry expertise in a multidisciplinary investigative effort, in order to look behind numbers and reveal true financial pictures.

Our detailed approach includes quality-of-earnings assessment, management interviews, facility visits, auditor meetings, GAAP compliance assessment and close review of documents, records and workpapers. The objective: a comprehensive understanding of the full financial implications of a transaction within the context of our client’s business objectives.

Clients understand that the way transactions are structured can have immense economic impact, and materially affect their business objectives. MCH transaction services include evaluating the impact of a transaction on financial statements or taxable income; and suggesting alternatives that may improve those outcomes. We point you to the key issues and provide facts that enable you to negotiate from a position of strength.

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