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About Escrow Services

MCH Escrow has a 30-year reputation of trust in the financial world, both in the UK, USA and abroad. Our experience and creativity have allowed us to accommodate the most challenging requirements from all parties.

MCH Escrow specializes in providing cash and other funding escrows for contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers and other goods and services providers to offer their clients and customers additional confidence and security that their funds are protected during the contracting period. MCH Escrow can also facilitate international transactions, and has experience in dealing with international companies who have needed escrow accounts to complete business transactions in this country.

Key Solutions

A cash escrow is similar to a letter of credit with a bank. All parties agree to instructions that are submitted to the escrow agent. Upon completion of other pre-determined criteria, the escrow agent is instructed to release the cash to the designated parties. If there is a dispute between the parties, the escrow agent generally will not release funds until the parties resolve their differences, providing protection to all involved.

Many commercial transactions require an unaffiliated third party to hold funds, documents or assets until the transaction is successfully completed, or other conditions are satisfied. Cash escrow can help you avoid the over-priced need for a security or performance bond. Cash escrow agreements can be drawn to allow MCH Escrow to guarantee disbursement of funds after completion of the agreement.

With MCH Escrow acting as cash escrow agent, the parties on either side of a financial agreement can rest assured that a trusted, unbiased party is working to hold and disburse funds. Call us to obtain a customized quote.


A Tri-Party Escrow (third party) agreement typically involves multiple parties, all related to a transaction or series of transactions. The parties agree to a desired set of instructions that are given to the escrow agent to execute. The instructions could include the collection of payments accompanied by instructions to distribute the collected payments to multiple parties as defined in the agreement.

This type of arrangement can be beneficial in situations that may require large deposits for services or goods, but can be avoided by utilizing one or more parties' credit.

MCH Escrow provides document escrow services to its clients that need a secure place to store documents involving their businesses. This may include deeds, contracts, plans and other documents such as these. MCH Escrow protects these documents in a secure fire proof vault in a limited access location and prohibits any access to this material, except as specifically agreed upon in the escrow agreement.

MCH Escrow provides a document escrow agreement as part of the escrow set-up costs. The agreement may be customized for each client according to that client's requirements.

MCH Escrow performs business Purchase and Sale closings that do not include real property. The closing includes all document preparation, closing statements, actual document presentation and disbursement of funds, and recording of documents. In addition, MCH Escrow is experienced in closing SBA loans, and has worked with major banks in closing business transactions involving SBA loans.

The company also offers third party intermediary or escrow services to sellers and buyers of all kinds of property, for lease payments and any other circumstance where an intermediary is necessary.

MCH Escrow pioneered one of the first federal programs for contractors required to post a payment bond. This program initially was implemented with the EPA and has proven to be both administratively and economically productive for all parties.

Such programs have earned MCH Escrow a reputation for efficient and secure handling of transactions involving large sums of money, and they can be tailored to your needs.

MCH Escrow reviews and signs off on all invoices. This approval allows the government office to proceed with payment to the contractor.

Fees are predicated on a per account receivable invoice basis. All invoices are submitted to our office for review and verification—a process that is accomplished within a few hours of receipt of the invoices. We then submit our certification to the federal agency for payment.

Call us for details; factoring can be a cost-effective alternative to bonding for many industries.

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